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Mendoza Family

This last week has been a week full of miracles! there is so much i want to say, but its all just racing through my mind..i cant come to one main idea. haha! basta! i am so extremely grateful to be a missionary. especially right now in Antiopolo. this area is amazing and the people are even MORE amazing! there are so many things I've already learned here.

One of my favorite lessons so far has been learning what "LOVE" truly is :) the family in the pic is the MENDOZA family :) i loooove them soooo much and am so grateful to have met them here. they are such a blessing to my life :)

The gospel of Jesus Christ was made for families. because of Jesus Christs atonement, families can be together FOREVER! the Mendoza family isn't quite yet "complete" (all members in the family being baptized) but they are definitely making their way there :) they know and understand that because of the plan of salvation, they, one day, will be an eternal family :)

I hope you all know how special your families are to our heavenly father. his main goal is for us ALL to return to him AS FAMILIES :) im so grateful for my family and the opportunity we have to be ETERNAL :) I'm grateful for my savior and his atoning sacrifice for me and my loved ones.

Spend some extra time with your families this week :)

I love you allll SOOOO much! :) hugs and kisses from the pines!

Sister Leausa

Exchanges with Sisters Balucos and Sister DeLa Cruz

Exchanges with Sisters Balucos and DeLa Cruz

"Bountiful District - I looove these missionaries! One of the vest districts I've been in," 

"One thing I LOVE about Sister Collins is how "samoan" her hair is. hahaha!!"

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