Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016


Sister Leausa and I exchanged emails yesterday and she is doing really well. This week was transfer week and she is not going anywhere this time. She will stay in Marikina with Sister Ghouri.

Sister Leausa also shared some very exciting news with me. Her very first companion that she went through the MTC with, Sister Swanson, has been transferred to Sister Leausa's area and will now be a companion to one of the other sisters that Sister Leausa lives with.  What a wonderful reunion this will be for these two sister missionaries.

Sister Swanson & Sister Leausa at the MTC - July 2015

I learned that missionaries that are going home are allowed to call other missionaries in their area just before they leave the mission field. This morning Elder Soifua (her second cousin) called her to say good-bye and wish her well.  Sister Leausa will miss seeing him but she is so excited for him to be headed home and "returning with honor." Elder Soifua is such a great example to her.

Sister Leausa did not have time to write her "weekly email" this week so I just wanted to give you a quick update. She has had an awesome week this past week and sends her love to everyone.

Our ward held a "half day mission" and this was the group I was assigned to!
It was raining so hard that day.
They really got to experience missionary work.

Sister Wyona & Sister Leausa

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday, May 23, 2016

Hi everyone :)

Geez. its been awhile, noh? since I've written a weekly email, a "thoughtful" one at least. hah! i wish i could say its because i haven't had time to write one. But, that would be a lie.

This last month has been on of the hardest months of my life. this transfer has been the most challenging one by far. trial after trial, struggle after struggle...challenge after challenge. i can remember a couple weeks ago i wrote in my journal, "i just want to go home." nothing was going right, at least that's what i thought. my comp and i hated each other, our area was not progressing, and it felt like we were getting no kind of help from our ward. in my eyes, everything was just falling apart. i have to be honest, i really did just want to come home. 

BUT! "mama didn't raise no quitter!" haha! it wasn't until yesterday at church that i FINALLY began to understand. the topic given to the sacrament speakers was adversary. so, of course, all of them shared about the trials and challenges we face in our lives. one sister, assigned to speak, shared a story about a car accident that their family was involved in. long story short, the accident was caused by the family and as a result, one person died. not in their family, but in the other car. im sure we can imagine the impact of the death of that one man on this family. that a pretty heavy burden to bare; a pretty big trial. the sister mentioned how devastated she was and how at first she had no clue how to deal with the trail. while on the other hand, her husband, he was shaken up too, but he told his wife, " im happy to be going through this trial. it helps me to better understand my heavenly father." 
throughout the rest of her talk, i jotted down a few other things about trials in our lives:

          Trials help us to use our free agency wisely.
          Through trials, we learn to trust the lord more.
          Do we see trials and challenges as stumbling blocks or stepping stones?

Tribulation will be our constant companion; everything depends on how we react to it.i took the things this sister said and applied them to my "oh so difficult" mission. and after taking a good, hard look at things, the problem wasn't my comp, its wasn't my area, and it wasn't my ward...its was ME :) my heavenly father has placed in my path stepping stones, and i viewed them as stumbling blocks. he blessed my life with a companion who would help me become more of the woman God intended me to be, and i viewed her as naught. he was asking me to trust him and his plan for me, but i was wanted to complain and beg for things to go my way. he was asking me to endure and i was failing...MISERABLY! 

In the book of acts, new testament, chapter 14 verse 22, we learn that we enter the kingdom of god through tribulation. in the book of alma, book of mormon, chapter 38 verse 5, we learn that as we put our trust in the lord, we will be able to get through AND over our trials. and my all time favorite, doctrine and covenants, section 122 versus 5-8. we learn that all the hard, sucky things we go through in life are for our own benefit; to help us gain experience and become more lie our savior, Jesus Christ.

I sit back and think about this last month. at first, what i thought to be the transfer from hell. hahaha! but now, what has become the greatest learning experience ever :)

I testify that god lives, jesus is the christ. only through trials, tribulations, and challenges will we ever be able to understand our heavenly fathers plan for us. only through tribulation will we find TRUE joy. i testify that god DOES answer prayers; hes answered mine in so many ways. and for that i am truly grateful :) for those of you who think the world is ending, like i did, i promise you ITS NOT. hahaha! keep pushing! try looking at things from a different angle. try to see the lesson the lord is having you learn. when you do, i promise you, youll look back at the trail and say, "thats it?!" :) i leave you this week with one of my favorite quotes in hopes that this weeks "trials" are viewed as blessings :)


I love you all soooo much! and hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Leausa

"This is Sister Janet. She is from Palawan, one of the prettiest places in the PI. She is our most progressing investigator at the moment and i LOVE her! She has a baptismal date for June 11 that we are so excited for." 

"May 21 was National Day of Service so we got to join our Stake in giving service to the Barangay (city) that we live in."

Sister Swanson & Sister Leausa

Elder Soifua & Sister Leausa (second cousins)

"We decided to ride a calabaw (water buffalo) to our next appointment. hahaha!"
\Sister Leausa & Sister Ghouri

"Went on MTC exchanges and this was the group we had. All polys except for one."

Sister Leausa & Sister Mendez

Marikina Zone

Exchanges with Sister Nielsen

Sister Talamaivao (Fagaloa, Samoa) & Sister Leausa 

Sister Tropia (PHI), Sister Leausa & Sister Richards (NZ)

Sister Leausa & Sister Collins (Samoa)

West Jordan, Utah Sister Missionaries serving together in the PI

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hi everyone!

It's been awhile since i last wrote you all. sorry :) i dont really have much time left to email, but my mama requested that i write a little something for all of you and the blog. haha! its so crazy to think that im more than half way done with my mission. itll be 10 months on the 22nd! crazy! im loving absolutely every minute of it...even the hard days :)

Today i was able to skype with my family; oh man how i miss them! but i know how much they are blessed because of missionary work :) this last weekend was also Mother's Day :) to all you mamas..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

I am so grateful to be blessed with the mama i have. she has taught me how to be strong and independent, and has shaped me into the woman that i am today. if it wasnt for the things she taught me before my mission, im pretty sure my mission wouldve been harder than it already is. haha! im so extremely grateful for her and definitely in debt to my heavenly father for blessing me with her :)

Mothers are special; i hope you all realize that :) my favorite story about mothers in the book of mormon has to be the story of the 2000 strippling warriors :) read it! because of what their mothers taught them, they had no need to fear. mama, thank you for everything! :) i love you soooo much!! :)

Alright, thats all ive got for this week! sorry so short! i hope you all had a great mothers day and i hope you all have a great week! i love and miss you all! :)

Sister Leausa