Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hiiii everyone! :)

Ahhhh! here it LAST weekly email. this is as bitter-sweet as bitter-sweet gets. where do i even start? maybe with my week? haha! this week was one of the best this transfer :) Thursday, i was reunited with sister Mendez for exchanges. we spent the whooole day together and it brought back SO many good memories of our time together. i love my anak! :) Friday, i attended my last zone conference where so much instruction and personal revelation (for home) was received. i think I'm ready to face the "real world." ;) Saturday, we were blessed with a baptism! cute little kim :) this upcoming Saturday, we'll have another baptismal service for brother Danny. I'm convinced i was transferred to sumulong my last transfer to find brother Danny :) this kid is AMAZING! ready to serve a mission and everything! hes truly a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people to receive his gospel :) i loooove missionary work!
My heart is just so full of gratitude and love towards my heavenly father and savior, Jesus Christ. i am so extremely grateful for the opportunity they've blessed me with to be a part of this great work. as simple and inadequate as i am, they have let me witness, first hand, the miracles and wonders of the gathering of Israel. ive never seen a vision, and ive never been visited by an angel. but, for the last 18 months of my life, ive been embraced in the arms of love of my heavenly father and Jesus Christ and that is more than enough for me to be able to testify that they LIVE. God lives, Jesus is the Christ. there isnt a shadow of doubt in my heart or mind :) i testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God's kingdom here on earth. Families can be together FOREVER through God's perfect plan of happiness. the healing power of the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. it has healed my "broken" heart. the church is TRUE, the book is BLUE! nothing has helped me more than The Book of Mormon, to strengthen and solidify my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ stands at the helm of his work and leads and guides his church through his living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. how extremely grateful i am for the leaders of the church :) 

As sad as i am to be leaving my loved ones, here, in the pines, im defintiely excited to get home to all of you. im excited to share all my mission stories, miracles and all the lessons ive learned while ive been here, with all of you :)

For those of you wondering, im scheduled to get into salt lake on Wednesday, Feb 8. around 6:30pm. (SLC international airport). 

My homecoming will be on feb 19. Heritage 11th Samoan Ward. 11 am. 7336 south 3200 West, west jordan, utah.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you! for all the love and support youve given me throughout my mission. im excited to see all of you!!! LOVE FROM THE PINES! :)

Sister Leausa

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It is almost time!!  17 more days.

Sister Leausa will return with honor from the Philippines - Quezon City Mission 
on February 8, 2017.

She will speak in church on Sunday, February 19, 2017  at 11:00am at the West Jordan Utah Heritage Stake located at 7336 South 3200 West in West Jordan.

I know she would love to see all of you there.

Thank you. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hiiiii everyone! :)

You would think the closer I get to the end of my mission, the more I would update you all about what's going on...haha! oops ;) soooory! 30 more days!!! WHOOHOO! :)

I am in my last area with my last companion, sister sefuentes :) oh, i was transferred from Pasig zone back to Marikina zone but in the Sumulong area; Sumulong 2 ward. my area is allllll MOUNTAINS! we literally HIKE EVERY SINGLE day. its a blessing in disguise tho. i told the Lord i wanted to lose weight before i go home..and this is how he answered my prayers. haha! maybe i should've been a little more specific ;) sister sefuentes is from Buhol, part of Visayas :) idk how to explain where it is to all of you...just look it up on the internet or something. haha! 

The people in our area are so ready for the gospel and have definitely been prepared by the Lord. last week i met the Romerosa family; a family of 6. it was "love at first sight!" this last Saturday we had our second appointment with them where everyone in the family, including Lola (grandma), accepted a bap date for March 4. the spirit was so strong and for a quick second, i thought about asking President Koster to extend my mission. hahaha! but that would never happen. haha! 

I am doing the best I can to finish strong and keep my mind focused this last month :) the work here in our area is super progressing and the Lord continues to shower us with his blessings. i really am so grateful that Sumulong is my last area :) 

I love you all and cant wait to see you guys soon! i hope you all have a great week! hugs and kisses from the pines!!

Sis. Leausa