Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey everyone! :)

Best miracle of my whole mission happened this past week! first order of business, i have a new companion :)  SISTER COLLINS! from the beautiful island of...SAMOA! whoowhoo!!! my prayers of having a poly companion have finally been answered. haha!

This last week, our first week together, has been nothing but hard work, tons of laughs, lots of eating, and night time conversations about Samoa. quick side note, last night sister collins said our night time comp prayer in Samoan and i started crying. hahah! im so lame, i know. but it made me miss home sooo much! it made me miss my daddy :) haha! along side tagalog, im sharpening my samoan ;) the gift of tongues is REAL! :)

Okay so back to my miracle for the week. during comp study in the mornings, sister collins and i have been reading from this book called, member missionary work and finding the elect of God. we decided to focus on tracting because we're in need of new investigators. we decided to tract in our neighborhood. we were nervous at first, me especially. walking up to someone on the street and actually knocking on someones door are two totally DIFFERENT things. i was quite hesitant at first. buuut, i eventually got over it :) we tracked about 20 say about 5 of them slammed their doors, 10 of them said, "we dont have time for your sharing," and the other 5 kindly let us down. haha! might i add, this whole time, collins and i were thinking, we arent getting anywhere with one wants to listen..why are we even doing this..okay, so we were on our way home and we walked passed this house. collins took a second look and walked up to the door. we introduced ourselves aaanndd...SHE LET US IN! like, with no hesitation!

This sister is a mother of SIX and she and her husband are happily married :) which means we scored with a family of 8! ahhhh!!! it was so great! before we met sister, like, my first couple of houses, i kept saying to myself, "i dont like tracting, but i love my heavenly father." i kept repeating that to myself. meeting and sharing the gospel with sister bernardo (thats the sisters name) Friday night was heavenly fathers way of saying, "i love you too, kathleen." :)

God lives! and he loves us all soooo much! here on my mission, ive come to realize just how much my heavenly father loves me, as an individual. my relationship with him is something ive come to treasure sooo much and its a relationship i plan to continue to strengthen and build. when we truly understand how important we are to him, and understand that he has a perfect plan for each one of our lives, life in full, becomes so much more beautiful and meaningful :)

I hope and pray that this week, you all come to know of how much you truly are loved and just how special you are to our heavenly father :) i love and miss you all!

Sister Leausa

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