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Sunday, September 4, 2016


We have officially started celebrating the Christmas season here in the pines and i looove it! :) people and all the stores have started selling Christmas stuff, people have Christmas lights hanging everywhere...i havent heard any Christmas music yet, but im sure its not too far behind :) 

This past week was a lot of fun. i had my first two exchanges :) as STL we have "routes," which is just the companionship of sisters that were assigned to do exchanges with for the transfer. well, the marikina 1B sisters just so happen to consist of SISTER SWANSON :) whoohoo! it was sooo good getting to see her! i didn't get to work with her, but thats okay! just being with/around her made me happy :) i like exchanges, they're fun! i learn SO much from the sisters and i love it! Wednesday, i got to work with sister toromon, my apo (grandchild, sister mendez anak [trainee]. i felt sooo old in the mision! haha!) shes from kitibus! (cool right?!) she helped me understand what it means to have a "pure testimony." while being here on her mission, she isn't only learning tagalog, but english as well. (i cant even begin to imagine that battle.) on Thursday, i worked with sister romrell; sister swansons current companion. cute girl! shes from good ol' idaho :) she helped me understand how important that i "finish strong." 

During personal study this week, i was reading a talk from one of the liahona magazines and there was a reference to a scripture found in 1 Peter 2:9. the scripture talks about out generation being a "chosen generation," a "peculiar people." Former president of the church, president hinckley always referred to our generation as " a royal generation." growing up, throughout my youth days, i guess i never really understood what all that meant. i think i just thought it was cool to say that i was "royal." hahah! (as if.) but now, i think i might just get it! have you ever wondered why you were born when you were? why you were saved for the "last days.." sister revillo, our former mission presidents wife always used to ask us, missionaries, those questions.

 Here is what i think :) we were some of heavenly fathers most valiant spirits in the pre-mortal life. we had "pure testimonies" of our heavenly fathers perfect plan for all of us. we were maybe some of the first to promise him that we would come to earth and "finish strong." i think heavenly father saved us for this generation because this is when he knew his vineyard would produce the most fruit; the harvest would be the most bountiful :) i don't know, just some thoughts :) its cool to me to think heavenly father saved me and you for a time like this. not everyone will be able to say they have been able to witness the gathering of Israel at full speed :) 

Ah. I'm just so grateful to be a missionary and even tho sometimes its hard, i LOVE absolutely every minute of it! nothing in the world brings me more joy than sharing his good word :) each and every day we get closer and closer to the second coming of the lord and i CANNOT wait! i testify that god the father and Jesus Christ LIVE! i witness their hands in our work each and every day :) i love this gospel sooo sooo much and am so grateful the lord allows me to be an instrument in his great work.

I will leave you this week with two quotes i fell in love with this week :) i love you all so soooo much and cant thank you, all, enough for all your love and support!

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."
"The greatest decision i ever made was to give up something i dearly loved to the God i loved even more."

I hope you all have an amazing week! hugs and kisses from the pines :)

Sister Leausa

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