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Monday, February 22, 2016

Hi  Everyone!

It's transfer week! and I am happy to report that I WON'T be transferring. Woohoo! I was hoping I would be staying here in TayTay, and I am ! I love my area so much. Staying here also means that I will be able to finish Sister Mendez's training, which is what she says she was hoping for. So, good new for the both of us. This upcoming transfer is going to be a long one, 8 weeks! Normally transfers are only 6 weeks but because the native Tagalog speakers, now, have to stay in the MTC for 19 days, instead of 12, the transfer is a little bit longer so that we can get all the transfers back on schedule and stuff like that. It is kind of hard to explain. Just know that this transfer is 8 weeks long and I will be staying in TayTay. :)

Alright, so my "spiritual thought" for the week :) so yesterday, Monday, Sis. Rafique, my kabahay (roommate) left to go home. She is from Pakistan! (cool, right?) I did not even know the gospel was in Pakistan. But, I guess it is. So that left her companion, Sister Arroyo, without a companion. Transfer day when everyone transfers, if they are moving, is not until tomorrow, Wednesday. This means that yesterday and today I will be in a "tri-some". Me, Sis. Mendez and Sis. Arroyo.

The first thing that came to my head when I found this out was "bleh". I don't wanna be in a 3-some. That is too many missionaries in one tiny little house and I am already HUGE enough!! Obviously I was not very fond of the idea. Hahah! But yesterday, during our lessons, I was extremely happy to have Sis. Arroyo in our lessons. Having Sis. Arroyo with us added another testimony/testifier of the gospel of Jesus Christ which made our lesson a lot "stronger." Last night while I was writing in my journal about this whole experience, it made me think about the people we surround ourselves with. I don't know how, but it did. Teachings of the Holy Ghost. :)

The more people there are around us who are negative and a bad influence on us, the greater the chance of us becoming like "them" and following their examples; the greater the chance of sinning; the greater chance of the Holy Ghost NOT being around. BUT, the more we surround ourselves with people who have the same standards and goals as we do, the more likely we are to succeed....right?  When we surround ourselves with those who invite/welcome the spirit, the more likely we are to stay on the right path.

You can fill a room with missionaries, but that does not necessarily mean that the holy ghost is gong to be there. Of course, it should be, but it all depends on us, right? In order to invite in the Spirit, we have to act the way the Savior would act, we have to do the thing the Savior would do, we have to say and speak the way the Savior would speak and say things. In Alma 34:32, we are taught that our promise in this life is to prepare to meet God; to become more like Jesus Christ. How can we become like Jesus Christ if the people who surround us are more like Satan? It is pretty hard. I know that choosing and making good friends is essential to our spiritual progression, here, in this life. I also know that just as important as making/choosing good friends is .....BEING a "good" friend is just as important,   Be a good friend. Help those around you come to know who Christ is. Help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. Strengthen someones FAITH.

We are taught as missionaries that we have to make "friends" before we make converts; which is totally true. We cannot just jump right into getting our investigators into the waters of baptism. We have to build trust, strengthen faith, set a good example, and be a friend. :) I have made so many incredible friends while I have been here in the Philippines and I am so extremely grateful that my Heavenly Father has helped me find my "group."

I challenge each of you this week to re-evaluate your "group" of friends....if they aren't helping you come close to the Savior...maybe you need some new friends. :)  We become who we surround ourselves with.

I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week!

Mahal Kita!

Sis. Leausa

"This is where we live."

"This is Sister Lei. We started teaching her a couple of weeks ago. On Friday we went back for another lesson and she had on this shirt. Even all the way over here in the Philippines..... we rep the U."

"This was taken at the Valentines Day activity for the Young Single Adults in our ward. As much as I wanted to join, we couldn't because they were all looking for their future companions. Hahaha!"

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