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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Magandang umaga po sa inyong LAHAT!

I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! :) i sure hope you all got to watch it. if not, you missed out BIG TIME! this past general conference was such a wake up call and invitation to the WORLD! an invitation to come unto Christ and learn HIS gospel for yourselves. i really wish all our investigators had come to listen to the missionary discussion be perfectly explained. haha! of course, everything we share and teach, as missionaries, is important, but to me, the most important and "heart-catching" lessons we teach are, "the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ," and "the plan of salvation," or the plan of happiness. these lessons were executed PERFECTLY during conference.

One of my favorite talks this last weekend was given by elder craig c. christensen, member or the presidency of the quorum of the 70. towards the end of his talk, he stated and facts and things we enjoy today "because Joseph was a prophet." Joseph smith, the prophet of the restoration, in the spring of 1820 was visited by two heavenly messengers; god the father and Jesus Christ. heavenly father and Jesus Christ used Joseph smith as an instrument to restore the true church of Christ on the earth after its fall and preceding the crucifixion of Christ and death of his 12 apostles. after centuries of being lost, a restoration of the fullness of the gospel was necessary in order for us to, one day, return home to our heavenly father. because of one 14 year old boy's faithful prayer in seeking the truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ, in its fullness, was restored to the earth :)

A lot of times, when we teach about the restoration and Joseph smith for the first time, we get questions like, "si Joseph smith, siya ba yung founder ng simbahan ninyo? siya yung founder ng mormons?" (is Joseph smith the founder of your church?) Joseph smith IS NOT the founder of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and he is not a god that we worship :) he was simply a prophet, an instrument used in the hands of the lord to restore the fullness of the lords gospel here on the earth :) 

I am so extremely grateful for joseph smith and his faith in Jesus Christ. i am grateful that he heeded the call of god and went through as much as he did so that i could have the knowledge that i do about the restored gosel of Jesus Christ.

"Because Joseph was a prophet" i am able to read from the book of mormon (my favorite book ever!) and deepen and strengthen my testimony every day.
"Because Joseph was a prophet" i now that some day, my family will be together FOREVER :)
"Because Joseph was a prophet" i am able to share the JOY of the gospel with my brothers and sisters here in the Philippines :) and by now you should all know, nothing makes me happier :)

I am so in love with this gospel. i hope and pray, just as the invitation from our church leaders was given this past weekend, that you come and find our for yourselves just how "delicious" and "desirable" the gospel truly is. there are missionaries all around the world waiting to share the good word of god with you and your family :) and you can expect when i get home, ill be continuing my missionary service by inviting you MYSELF :) haha! so be ready ;)

I love, love, LOVE you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week! :) hugs and kisses from the pines!

Sis. Leausa

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