Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hey everyone!

Ahhh man :) this last week has been such a great week! and i have to add that its such a beautiful day here in the Philippines. i dont know if you all have heard, but we have had 2 typhoons come through in the last couple weeks. neither of them did much damage, it was just suuuper gloomy and rained a ton. id say the past 2 weeks has been nothing, really, but gray, cloudy skies. BUT TODAY! the sky is super blue, the clouds are super fluffy (like in paintings), the sun is shinning and theres a perfect breeze :) such a great way to bring in this upcoming week :)

Okay, so lemme just tell you all about this past Saturday. well, it actually started Tuesday night at the mendoza families house :) so, because the temple has been closed for a little bit, of course, no one has been able to go to the temple. statistics show that recent converts who enter/or go to the temple within 60 days of their baptism are more likely to remain active in the church, in years to come. we have 18 recent converts in our area. recent convert means baptized within the past year. sister collins and i have been focusing super hard on preparing our recent converts for their "temple trip." not only will we tour temple grounds, but a lot of them are of the appropriate age to do baptisms for the dead (12 and older). so we have been helping them with their family history and stuff like that.

Tuesday night, we invited the mendoza family to start their family history "search." we set a date for Saturday morning at the chapel. there are computers, a family history consultant, everything would be provided in order for them to start their family history. so, Saturday we meet them at the chapel and everything went great! They've made profiles on and it was just a super cool experience for them to be able to find their family members :) sister collins and i watched with huge smiles on our faces as they added their family names to their family trees. it was such a cool experience!

After the mendoza family was done with what they could find and do, i wanted to check my own family tree. i logged in, did some research..and BOOM! found family names who haven't had their temple work done for them yet :) 8 names to be exact! yaaaasssss! hahah! i was soooo excited :) not only will we get to take our recent converts to the temple to help them do the temple work for their family, but ill get to help my own family and do names of my own :)

Not only did heavenly father help the mendoza family to find the names of their family members, but he also opened up a way for me to help my own family. its a testimony to me that he hears my prayers about my family. i have to admit, i haven't ever prayed about my family on the other side...but every night i pray that my family (not generalized) will be taken care of and provided for. Saturday morning, he definitely made sure my family on the other side was taken care of and provided for :) i am sooo excited to be able to do their temple work for them :)

I love, love, love missionary work and i loooove family history! :) i know that God and Jesus Christ live. heavenly father knows each one of his children; hear on earth and on the other side of the veil. im sooo excited for the temple to re-open! :) i love you all sooo much and hope and pray you all have an amazing week :)

Sis. Leausa

ps: sorry i have no pics, the computer cant read my memory card :/ next time na lang :)

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