Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ang Pamilya Ko At Mga Kaibigan Ko :)

I feel like I repeat myself in all my weekly emails. I am always telling you guys that the work is great and that I love being a missionary. I am sorry to tell you but this email isn't going to be any different. LOL! The work is amazing and I absolutely love being a missionary.

This week was more of a calm week. Nothing really big happened. Oh! Other than a HUGE typhoon that hit us. Don't worry, I am safe and alive. It didn't really hit us too hard, here in Quezon City, but in the northern parts of the Philippines, it was bad. The damage and casualties are all over the news here. Us missionaries here in Quezon City still went out and worked during the typhoon. As missionaries we get special protection, even if the typhoon did hit us hard, I am sure we'd just swim to our investigators.  Haha! The work NEVER stops.

I did not take too many pictures this week, sorry. But at Sisters Conference they "taught" us how to give ourselves facials and how to do our makeup. You all know I don't wear make up, so Sister Devi and I just put the toilet paper that was supposed to be used for our face on our heads. Hahaha!

There is no greater joy than being a missionary. I love this gospel so much. One of my favorite parts about being a missionary is the change that I am seeing in myself. I am starting to recognize the woman my heavenly father wants me to become.

I hope that you all have a great week.

Sister Leausa

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