Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

GOOOOOD MORNING AMERICA!!! (and wherever else this email is going. haha!) 

It's such a pretty day, here, in the pines :) a perfect day to go to the beach! :) too bad that is totally BAWAL! (not allowed) I am gonna assume my mama updated my blog last week, but if not, ill fill ya in...

Last week, Wednesday, was transfer day; I TRANSFERRED! :) whoohoo! haha! I'm currently in Taguig zone, serving in the Bonifacio 5th ward, Bonifacio 5B area :) my are is...OKAY *cheesy smile* hahaha! a whole lot different than Marikina, that's for sure! my new companion is sister PERALTA :) she is absolutely ADORABLE! im training again, so this transfer should be exciting :) i love the spirit the "greenies" bring to the field. because they're so fresh from the MTC all they want to do is work, work, work! which i love! :) s. Peralta is from Ilocos, northern luzon; her home is under bagio mission. shes 19, the oldest of 5, and the first missionary in her family. shes freaking hilarious! since we've been together, there hasn't been a day we haven't laughed till our tummies hurt :) i love it! 
The ward is good :) made up of a bunch of families that love to feed the missionaries! so much for my "go on a diet 6 months before you go home" plan. haha! 

The work is good. people in this area aren't really receptive, but the investigators that we have right now are golden! ahh! i forgot to mention, my new area is riiiight next to the manila airport. airplanes fly over head every 5 minutes. i haven't figured out whether its a sign from heavenly father saying "hurry up you've only got 6 months!" or "only 6 more months, you can do this." haha! time has gone by extremely fast! 

I can across a quote the other day in personal study that i really like and wanted to share with you all :) 

"Dont think of your task as a burden; think of it as an opportunity to learn what Love really is." 
-Cherly Esplin

I'm soo excited for this transfer and sooo excited for these last 6 months :) i hope and pray that you all have an amazing week :) dont forget: HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU! :) 

Sis Leausa

Agustin Family

Condeza Family

Sister Leausa and her new companion Sister Peralta

Condeza Family

View from the Manila Hospital

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