Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saturday, July 25

Hi Mom,

I know you're going to ask me how my first day went, right? Okay, well i'll tell ya! it seriously is no joke when they said that i was going to be going straight to class. The sister that came and got my bags took me to get all my language stuff and I went straight to class.

The MTC is great! hard, but great! Ive only been here what, 3 days? and im already speaking, reading, writing and understanding Tagalog. I love it! the spirit here is so strong. If you have any worries about me being fed enough...dont! We get fed PLENTY here. haha! it's not the best food, but it holds me over. I mean, honestly, what food doesnt. haha!

My companion  is great! I just sent you some pics! She's the girl from IG that followed me.  I absolutely love her :) Sis. Swanson.

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